Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Holidays

I don't have a project to share but thought 
I would touch base anyways.
Just been busy doing that holiday bustle thing. 

 Decorations are up....

 Dogs were harassed....
I made like 50 cards, but most were cased, and I
would want to give proper credit to those artist...
but there was 50 and it would take 
forever to upload them all...blah, blah. 
I'm trying to cut back on the craziness that over takes
my life this time of year. I did make tags...personalized ones...
big mistake...we buy a lot of crap! LOL

I've also learned a very valuable lesson...stop
buying thin cheap paper!!! 
Don't know how many corners that
has been torn this year due to my 
fabulous wrapping skillz...so I'm using it up
and buying the good stuff!

 I hope you all get the gifts you
want this Christmas! 
I get one more year of my kids gathering
for Christmas morning. 
Next year Gracee will have to stay home so
Santa can come to 
her house. So, that is my reason to celebrate...
those 3 loves of my life. 
I also wish you and your family a
healthy and prosperous New Year!!!!  
Thanks for stopping by! C~  

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