Friday, September 19, 2014

No card this time

I've really been slackin' on the ole blog! I have been slackin' in the creative department too. Currently watching 2 kids, one is suppose to be looking for other child care but is having a hard time finding some. I miss my days with just Grace. I miss having half a day to myself. Things are good around our house. Been cleaning out closets, cabinets and the basement. Time to purge some old stuff. Been selling unwanted scrap stuff on Facebook. Been shopping on line waaaay too much! Have stamps and inks that haven't been christened...and an overwhelming urge to color with my copics. Probably because there is a new on line class about copics that I won't be taking because I will be in New York for half of it and I like to play along. I'll take it later, over winter! We had family pictures taken a couple weeks ago...they didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but under the circumstance, she did a pretty good job. Grace has major attitude when around strangers and she was not co operating! Punk! 
(Me and my big mouth!)
(We are all in Marvel shirts...even G)

That's it for my update...Hope you have a lovely weekend.
 I'm hitting up some craft fairs...which says Autumn to me!

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