Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday again?

Wow! How fast did that week fly by?
I am the baby whisperer...did you know that?
I have other peoples babies...a lot.
 The babies were not feeling well,
Gracee is teething, Simon got shots!
Needless to was a long week.
Thursday, we had a weird storm that caused this.
The only damage was to the guttering...and the tree.
And the nest resting on the guttering.
How the dogs didn't get them is beyond me.
They were on the ground for many hours..the 
storm was at 11 am, we found them at 5 pm. 
My hubby helped me get them back in the
nest and we placed them in the part of 
tree that was still standing. I watched all evening..
...went out super early...nothing. =(
After my workout, I saw this
I was completely overjoyed!!! 
She came back!
Then the tree guys tells us that it 
has to come down....hopefully
not for a while, so they can get 
bigger. In other news:
My Aunt gave me my Grandmother's 
bible. Grams had several. Inside there 
was sweet lil treasures...clippings
of things she wanted to keep.
It is awesome! Thanks for 
popping by today sorry for
the long post!

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