Wednesday, April 23, 2014

On Line Classes

Hi! It's been a couple weeks! I hope you had 
a lovely Easter! We did, 5 sweet kids here to 
hunt eggs and open baskets! Its been a long
time since I made baskets! The weather was 
perfect, as were the babes!

I am back with another on line class.
Have you tried one? These are great classes!!
I love taking them! I've tried several!
 This time around it is Watercolor!
I am very excited! I haven't done any
real water coloring in years! Since
high school! I won't say how many
years thats been!  ;)

So, to prepare for this class we are to
make a swatch page of the watercolor
paints. I have several different mediums
to choose from.
 So, I did my homework and created
my swatches. I also did the plaid painting.

I despise plaid.
Maybe I can make something for 
the newest little in my family...
Meet Simon Gabriel! 
My great nephew!
Born 3 weeks ago. 
Isn't he delicious!!
Hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hey Carol, what a handsome great nephew. Congrats to you and your family. When I saw you watercolor pencils from Stampin' Up! I remembered I had some too. I need to find them, LOL.