Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What I've been doing....

It's been busy around our house...we are prepping
for winter. It is coming soon. Putting away patio
furniture. We bought a new snow blower. Putting the 
flowers to sleep. We have decided to put up the trees
to get the little one acclimated to them, before we add
lights and ornaments. I have been in a craft frenzy lately. 
Here I'll show ya....
 I made myself a few things...like this infinity scarf
and a new fall-ish wreath for the door!
 I made a few cardinal ornaments...saw them on pinterest and I already
had all the supplies. Then I decorated a  binder clip to hold  photos.
 My studio is done in Disney, so my colors are that of the mouse!
It holds a photo of my other mouse! I also finished
off a vacation scrap album, and wrote on a boat load
of photos to be put in albums later.

Then we had a mini photo shoot for my girl!
She was not smiling...she was dead set against it...
she is still beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by!I gotta go do some more stuff....lol

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