Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

We are spending the day with Dwen's side of the family tomorrow. I got my pies made and will have
time to watch the parade in the morning. My favorite! Saturday I am making food here for the kids and
my sister. I figured I can show you the cards I made for this wonderful holiday,  since the recipients have gotten them by now.
  We are gearing up (like everyone else) and this year I amahead of the game! Got about 50% of my shopping done, cards are ready to go and the trees are up! These lil hats were my kid's when they were this small....I love them!
 (Grace, my grand daughter...who hates hats!)
(Jagger aka Jack, my great great nephew!)

I hope you have a lovely holiday, stay warm and if you
are safe, it's crazy out there!

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  1. love your card Carol! You colored them beautifully :)