Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's going on....

My friend Monica,  posted this list and is playing along with 
another site....I am not...just thought it was a cool way to catch up.

enjoying :  a LARGE cup of coffee

waiting :  for many packages to come in the mail...we do a ton of shopping on Amazon...and craft stores!
liking : that laundry is done and put away!
wondering : If I will have time to mow the grass this week.
loving :  the babies reactions to all the Halloween decor.
hoping :  the next 8 weeks fly by for my brothers sake...he's away and missing the boy
listening:  the Disney channel...singing give a little whistle
marveling :   at all the new things the babies are learning
needing :  I need a vacation!!!

smelling :   The coffee from #1
wearing :   pj's

following :  new people on Instagram...which is my FAVE app.
noticing :   little bits of color change in the leaves

thinking : I gotta get me and Jagger ready for the day
opening : a container of yogurt

giggling :  At Jagger/Grace...all the time
watching :  Team Umizoomi....I never get to watch grown up stuff!
feeling :  anxious

making :  Halloween cards...in between bottles and diapers
cooking :  beer bread, cherry coke chicken, muffins

drinking :  coffee with vanilla caramel creamer (my fave)
reading : I never get to read books...I am reading Dr. Seuss and the internet
wanting : to decorate for Christmas....already!
looking :   looking forward to this weekend...bonfire and both my kids will be home! =]
wishing : For the best outcome for Jagger and the family

wasting :   I'm wasting my time on the computer.  I should be bathing the boy.

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