Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New adventures

Sara and I have been taking Miss G out on adventures.
Fall is our favorite time of year and we squeeze a lot
of activities in! We hit up craft fairs, the Renaissance
Festival and a place called DeAnna Rose Farm.

Here is a couple of snapshots!

 (With Nana at craft fair)
 (She hates hats...but we bought her a princess hat anyways)

 (Enjoying a turkey leg)
 (She liked the hens but not the roosters...they crowed and scared her)
 (She did some of the interactive stuff)
 (She enjoyed the goats...this one tried to eat Sara's 
sleeve which is not cool...because it is my shirt!)
 (My little pumpkin!)

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  1. Such cute pics! Looks like a wonderful day as a family, Carol! TFS!