Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This week

Here's what went on around our house this week...

Babies birthdays....spent a lot of time prepping for Miss G's 1st, plus we had to go to Sophia & Evelyn's 1st birthday party. It is amazingly hot here in Kansas, right now...which wasn't good for a party in the park but the family (both relatives and friends) came out in force! It was great...even if I did have to endure the ex and the daughter's boyfriend's family. 
(Sara & Grace)
Not only do I have poison ivy which seems to be going away...I have heat rash and hives...I am one itchy gal!

We moved Adam's old twin bed up from the lower level into the babies case Sara and Grace ever spend the night or if we have the littles (AKA Luke and Abby-niece and nephew) over night.

Gracee has been teething...we are awaiting her top front teeth. 
So she's been quite cranky.

Dwen can't be around the babies for 30 days once they get their year shots because it contains a live virus....since he takes meds that lowers his immune system. Everyday when G leaves, I have to shower in order to be in close contact with him myself. It's gonna be a long 45 days. Fingers crossed it goes according to plan!

Next week looks hairy...(daughter) Sara is moving, I have a new desk being delivered...Grace's shots are on Friday...double cranky kid! Oy!

I am join Old Red Barn in this weekly blogging.


  1. I read about your poison ivy and hives and I feel sooooo bad for you! I hate being itchy! Hoping it all heals soon!

    And that the shots go according to plan and that 45 days goes by in a snap!

    1. Thanks...fall is our favorite time of the year and not being able to do things with our grand is about to kill us already...those 45 days will be very painful...worse than the ivy! Sigh.

  2. I'm so sorry about the poison ivy!

    And I'm glad that Dwen is on the way to feeling better!

    Hope the days fly by!