Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This Week...

I am join Old Red Barn in this weekly blogging...
via my friend Amy...to talk about what went down around here for the last week.

D (my amazing hubby) and I went and got eye exams. Its time for new glasses. I have a love hate with new glasses...new bifocals....sucks getting old!

We also went a few days later to get frames and it went faster than I thought it would...both of us picked totally different frames than what we have...adjustments will be made! ;)

We went shopping for Gracee's 1st birthday (grand daughter) and Jagger's 1st birthday (they are 2 weeks apart) and twins girls we know whom are also turning 1. Next weekend will be hella busy! Lots of parties=lots of cake! :)

Which leads to a lot of wrapping...feels like Christmas in my dining room.

I got into some poison ivy....ugh.....now all I can think about is itching....it can literally drive someone insane. Meds are being applied and taken....this is my first time ever getting this....I never want it again.

I had 3 of my girlfriends over and we pulled out the fire pit and roasted marshmallows while giggling and enjoying each others company! I am lucky to have a large pool of friends!

Jagger is walking everywhere...doing really well....and I taught him to say 'wow' and he cracks me up when he uses the word.

I was able to crank out about 7 scrap book pages, I am really behind. Both of these babies are growing way too quickly!

Come play along with us!!

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  1. So glad you're joining along! Sorry you got into some poison ivy. Hopefully your busy birthday gift giving season and marshmallow roasting with friends will make it all better.