Thursday, April 11, 2013

Free time

Back when the babies weren't so active and before the big move....
I had free time. FREE TIME! 
Not so much anymore since both babies are not quite crawling 
but it will be any minute now! I can tell...

It's not just the babies, lots of boxes to empty...
a flower garden to nurse...
trying to cook more...
so free time is few and far between.

I like to color in my (quite) free time.
I just started with copics a year or so ago.
I took a class at the local scrap store.
Not any kind of certification kind of class.
A just for fun kind of class.
I still have a lot to learn!

I have been building my stash of markers,
I have 146, out of 358...sigh.

Here is a few images I colored.
I love Mo's kids...they are the cutest!

This last one reminds me of my hubby and my son! That's it for now....
be back soon...maybe with a recipe! =)

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