Sunday, September 27, 2015

WCFCM: Exploring Mediums Day 3

Day 3: the last day....sigh
Today focuses on Inktense pencils,
Water Soluble Oil Pastels, watercolor
crayons and Gelatos. I don't
own any of the oil pastels or crayons.
I didn't get to play with my Inktense I played with Gelatos.
Shari showed a very cool background
using them.

I have a thing for zombies...and I figured
why not knock out some of my Halloween
cards, at the same time! I really enjoyed this class!
I highly recommend the Copics and the first watercolor
class too! Even if you aren't a card maker, there is some
good stuff in them! Thanks again for coming by and
visiting my blog today! Have a fabulous week!

WCFCM: Day 2 finale

The last lesson for Day 2 was about
Distress Inks, Tube Watercolors and
Stamping taught by Jennifer R.

I really loved her cityscape and wanted to
 apply it to a Halloween card.
I posted this twice because I used the masking
 ideas, Kristina gave us from Day 1.

So then I used an old stamp from Stampin' Up.
 I used the Zig Makers to color the outline of
the stamp, and free handed the details...masking 
the hats along the way. You can even see
the Wink Of Stella I used.
I highly recommend the Zig markers!! 
Thanks for poppin' in!

WCFCM: Day 2 continued

The next lesson in day 2 is one I have seen many 
times but never tried. So I was stoked! Kristina 
teaches no line water coloring!! She also has a 
youtube channel where she has a video on this technique.
 I used distress inks...I enjoyed 
this process, very relaxing!
 Witchy Poo turned out so good! I'm so proud!
I used the watercolor background again too!
Thanks for coming by, I love reading 
your comments!

WCFCM: Exploring Mediums Day 2

Day 2 started with Laura, using distress inks to make
water color backgrounds. She also uses the Peerless
Watercolor Papers, which I don't own.
The background turned out great...dreamy even! LOL 
Considering I put a zombie on it!
Stay tuned...I got more to show!

WCFCM: Exploring Mediums Day 1 continued

Day 1 continued:
Kristina shows us how to use masking with the markers.
I combined it with a another technique shown in Day 3, 
which was using tube water color paint.

I masked off the moon and the outline of the horizon 
to put the background in after the fact.
I liked how it turned out! Thanks for stopping by!

Watercolor for card makers: Exploring Mediums

I signed up for the latest on line card class.
I truly love these classes, (they are totally worth 
the money) I learn a lot, and they help my recall on
techniques I've forgotten about.  If your ever in a slump...
these wonderful classes will inspire you, 
and give you back your creative mojo!
 Day 1: Exploring water color markers
Jennifer shows the different kinds of markers 
on the marker today and how they are similar 
and how they differ. (She does many product 
reviews that I find extremely helpful-check 
out her youtube channel)

Debby shows several different ways to use
the Zig Clean Color markers (They rock!)
She used the markers to directly color onto 
the stamp then spritz after stamping.
The Zig markers have such bright, beautiful colors!
I hope I don't creep too many people out with
these spiders...but at least they look like
they are in 'party mode'.
Thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

SAF Card 3

Laura Bassen and Danielle Flanders use threads in 
unique ways on their stunning creations, and are 
encouraging us to do the same.

This is not a strong suit for me...I get easily
frustrated. I stamped the tag 4 times...and
that's the easy part!! 

The lighting is crap....the sun can't decide
 if she's gonna shine today or not!
Thanks for poppin' in! 
I am not doing the new few 
challenges so I will be back much later!